Community Consultation

Throughout the preparation of Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan, there have been many opportunities for residents to have a say on what they want for the future of the village. The information we have gathered has helped to inform the the final draft of the Neighbourhood Plan.


How Cranleigh residents have been involved

Thursday 12 - Saturday 14 July 2018

Village Hall Consultation on Call for Sites, Green Spaces, Policies, Projects and ASVI 

Thursday 10 August 2017

Village Hall Open Morning

Leisure, Arts and Community Facilities consultation

Saturday 06 May 2017

Community Showcase

Saturday 21 May 2016

Community Showcase

November / December 2015

Residents are invited to complete the third community questionnaire.

November 2015

We held an event to gauge initial feedback on Cranleigh’s emerging neighbourhood plan.

More than 100 people came to see the plan and to give their comments.

Summer/autumn 2015

We surveyed a sample of students from year 10 at Glebelands School and asked the youth club for their views during the summer break.

Summer 2015

Local people, developers and landowners were invited to nominate sites that might be suitable for employment or housing.

27 June 2015

We enjoyed having a stand at Cranleigh carnival and had chance to talk to lots of people about the progress we are making on the neighbourhood plan. People were very positive about living in Cranleigh and were pleased to have another opportunity to give their views about the future of the village.

Concern was expressed about traffic and parking bur we received some good suggestions and ideas for possible solutions.

16 June 2015

We held a workshop to look at what should be included in the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan. The steering group and a small group of people spent time looking at the results of the first two community questionnaires, talking about possible solutions to the issues raised and discussing the objectives for the first draft of the plan. It was a very productive meeting.

27 May 2015

Members of the steering group attended Cranleigh Parish Council’s annual meeting and provided:

· an update on the journey so far

· details about the next steps in the consultation process

· an update on transport issues

· findings from the first community questionnaire, and

· information about the vision and objectives.

2 May 2015

We had a stand at Spring into Cranleigh and enjoyed chatting to lots of residents. We handed out 150 copies of our second community questionnaire and 100 flyers informing people how to complete the form online.

26 March 2015

Over 200 people visited Cranleigh Village Hall to input their views and ideas into a consultation about the future of the village.

The Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan group welcomed residents and explained the progress that has been made so far. Visitors were then asked to complete a questionnaire, which sought views on topical issues such as local services, infrastructure, housing and leisure provision. Thank you to everybody who took part.

2 August 2014

TheNeighbourhood Plan group attended the Cranleigh Show to raise awareness about the project. Over 100 people completed questionnaires.

26 and 28 June 2014

Display at the Village Hall and Cranleigh carnival to introduce neighbourhood planning to residents and progress to date.

March 2014

Volunteers joined working groups and chair people were elected for each group.

13 and 27 January 2014

Launch event for the Neighbourhood Plan attended by hundreds of Cranleigh residents.