Community Noticeboards

Open community noticeboards are situated outside the Post Office and on the side of the Village Hall on the High Street.

Members of the community may put up notification of community events but please do not use staples, put up posters no more than A4 size and do not put posters up more than two weeks in advance.

The space on the community notice boards is limited and all organisations should be given the same opportunity to advertise their events. Any notice advertising items for sale or not compliant with the above stipulations may be removed.

Our notices are kept tidy by a local volunteer and the Parish Council is very grateful for his services.

A closed noticeboard situated outside the Richard Onslow public house on the High Street has been provided by Cranleigh School. One side is for use exclusively by Cranleigh School, the other side can be used for advertising community events, subject to the limited space available.

The key for the notice board can be obtained from the Parish Council Office between 9.30am and 12.30pm Monday to Friday. Any advertisement on this board must be taken down after the event.

There are a series of notice boards at the rear of the Village Hall. These become empty from time to time and the space can be hired from the Parish Council. For more details contact 01483 272311 or email