Diary of Build: Planting

Nearly a thousand herbaceous perennials have been planted by dedicated volunteers, and kept alive by a constant watering throughout the drought, in the heat of the summer of 2018. Their efforts made all the difference.

We were given some 400 native hedgerow saplings by the Woodland Trust in 2017. They were heeled in over the winter in various Cranleigh gardens and finally planted in position by - among others - a group of Cranleigh School pupils. So many thanks to the Woodland Trust and Cranleigh School.


An aerial view of the garden in its earlier planting stage showing the simple design of a flower head.

Late summer and the garden is mostly finished, waiting for the poppy sculpture to be installed as well as the front fencing and gate.

 Nick Barnett - parish grounds manager making the first cut.

 And the final clearing and levelling of earth