Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)

Cranleigh Parish Council is in receipt of s106 planning obligation funding of  £47,417 towards the provision of a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) at Snoxhall Fields. The MUGA can be used for football, basketball, netball and informal tennis.  It  will be free to use for everyone.  It is the Parish Council's intention to provide fitness equipment and youth shelters around the MUGA.

The Parish Council is in the process of submitting a planning application for the MUGA, outdoor fitness equipment and youth shelters.

Shown here is the proposed location for the MUGA

The Multi Use Games Area has been a project that has been long in the conception and design.  It has finally been approved to include the games area you see drawn here, but also another extension to the playing surface that will host multiple calisthenics exercise equipment. In addition some sheltered seating will be provided around the area and pathways from the Downslink concourse.  All of these elements beyond the main playing area will be subject to further design and planning authorisation, but will are unlikely to extend the hard surface area by more than 50% of what is drawn here.


The demand for this secure area, overlooked by our security cameras, is from the many groups who want a safe playing, exercise and gathering space central to our village away from residential areas.

Further details will be added to this site as they become available."