Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan

Welcome to the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan.

The Future of Cranleigh

What do you think Cranleigh will be like in 15 years? Where will people live? What will be the average age of residents? What type of shops will there be and where will people work? What will residents do in their spare time?

The way to shape Cranleigh’s future is by having a Neighbourhood Plan.

Since 2015, a group of volunteers has been gathering evidence and consulting with local people to find out how they would like to see Cranleigh in 2032. The findings have informed the content of the draft of Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan.

The Background

Neighbourhood planning was introduced through the Localism Act 2011 and gives communities the opportunity to shape where they live.

In 2013, Cranleigh Parish Council took the decision to prepare a Neighbourhood development plan.

During the summer of 2013, the Parish Council applied to Waverley Borough to seek approval for the whole of the Cranleigh parish area to be designated as a Neighbourhood plan area.

Why Cranleigh needs a Neighbourhood Development Plan

Preparing a neighbourhood development plan means Cranleigh residents have the opportunity to influence the future development and use of land in the village. Neighbourhood development plans establish general planning policies that have to be considered by local authorities when determining planning applications.

The Cranleigh community can use their neighbourhood plan to:

influence the design of new buildings
have a say on facilities and infrastructure
preserve local green space

    Neighbourhood plans must meet the needs of the wider area. They are not a tool for preventing development.

    Parishes with neighbourhood plans receive more community infrastructure levy arising from developments in their area than those without.