Street Champions

For those who wish to volunteer to help in their community in response to COVID-19 

Before considering volunteering, please ask yourself – Am I well enough to volunteer? 

Your safety and limiting the spread of the coronavirus is the main priority. 

If you are well at the moment and wish to volunteer there are 2 main ways in which you may be able to help. 

The FIRST way is to become a STREET CHAMPION

Street Champions provide a point of contact and can help carry out basic tasks for those self-isolating or who are concerned about going out at the moment.

Street Champion tasks are: 


  • Shopping
  • Urgent supplies
  • Posting mail
  • Regular phone calls for a chat 


Please do not assume that someone needs help or call directly to someone’s house unannounced, as some people may be very anxious about making face to face contact, particularly if they have a medical condition or are living alone.


  • To volunteer you will need to provide to the Parish Council your contact details, a copy of your driving licence, or a copy of this year’s Council tax bill, and a recent picture of yourself. You will then be registered as a Street Champion, you can also limit your support to a certain area/road or houses.
  • Your name and picture will be available on our website
  • The Parish Council will provide you with a letter template to post through the doors of people you are available to help.  They will then telephone you if they need help. They can also ring the Parish Council to verify who the Street Champions are for your area.
  • Please contact the Parish Council on 01483 272311 or email to find out more. 


The application process is really easy, simply complete the online form and upload a picture of your driving licence OR council tax bill and a picture of yourself/selfie.  

As a Street Champion you volunteer for as much time as you are able to give. The only thing we ask you to do is to check your emails a couple of times a day as that is how we will keep in touch with you.

Play your part, become a Street Champion today. Let's be proud of the part we have played together.

 Apply to become a Street Champion .


 Please see a copy of our Internal Privacy Notice.

The SECOND option is to volunteer for one of the other voluntary organisations in and around Cranleigh. 

To do this you can either contact Voluntary Action South West Surrey on 01483 565456 or email


Contact the Parish Council on 01483 272311 or email as we are also building up a database of local organisations that need your help. 

Government Advice on How to Help Safely 

Thank you for being a Good Neighbour!