Ash Dieback Work

Published: 24 December 2019

Waverley Borough Council have announced that following recent tree safety inspections within the woodland at: Bedlow Lane, Copse Edge and Summerlands Woodland, the Tree Team has highlighted a number of trees across the site which are no longer safe to retain as a result of Ash Dieback. Ash Dieback is a fungal disease that causes the death of Ash trees either directly as a consequence of the disease or because of colonisation by root decaying fungi such as Honey Fungus causing entire tree failure.

Following consultation with the Forestry Commission the worst affected trees will be felled across the site during January and February 2020, weather dependent. These works have been programmed during this time in order to avoid bird breeding season. Please see the maps below for work locations.

Bedlow Lane Map 1 


Bedlow Lane Map 2 


Copse Edge