Site Assessments 2021

The following sites were considered as part of the 2021 site assessments:


Site Assessments 2017/18

A further call for sites was issued by Waverley Borough Council in 2017/18.  Navigus was commissioned to carry out a site assessment for the Neighbourhood Plan.

For more information please view a summary and map of sites assessed.

Under the Call for Sites process there were a number of sites that were submitted that were located in the green belt.  

Submissions were subject to an initial assessment however, given the extent of the housing requirement, it was not considered necessary to assess them further. As a result, they have been excluded.


Site Assessments 2015

In 2015, the Neighbourhood Plan Group carried out a Call For Sites and presented the results to Navigus, a planning consultant. 

Navigus was commissioned to carry out a Site Assessment based on the Call For Sites results.